The Swiss Institute of Standards of Quality «SIQS» in 2011 (Zurich, Switzerland) appropriated franchising «Gold Ducat» the international quality certificate №37 for accordance to the world standards of trade marks quality such as: «FRESHCOFFEE», «CHOKOLYADA», «CHAR-ZILLYA», and «MARCYPAN». The receipt of quality Certificate of «SIQS» confirms that products/services of the enterprise differs high quality, competitiveness and are recommended by international experts for exporting to the world market.



1.Coffee roasting in the coffee house = profit

  Coffee Houses, which exist on the market, practically do not differ one from another – often coffee, obtained from the producer, is of questionable quality or its price is too high. In the Coffee House “Golden Ducat” coffee is roasted before the customer's eyes on his order or whim. Aroma of newly-roasted coffee-beans will help you to attract the buyers, unforgettable taste of fresh product will fascinate your clients.

2. Green coffee beans = profit

Green coffee, which You will buy from us, additionally allows You to save Your money due to the cost value of the coffee. Exclusive blends /bouquets/ of green coffee will create you an image of unique and original coffee house.

  3. Hot chocolate = profit

Hot chocolate, prepared under ancient receipts of Halych confectioners, was world-famous in the previous century and by planes it was delivered from Lviv to Vienna. Our true hot chocolate favourably differs from the powder raw materials for hot chocolate preparation. Cost value of our chocolate is 8 times cheaper in comparison with analogous powder one! Exclusive receipt of royal, dark, milk, white, orange hot chocolate will make your coffee house unique and original

4.Zest = profit

Elaborated and tested standard of service, servicing, exclusiveness and originality of design together with special aura of aromas of fresh chocolate and coffee creates ZEST, which will bring additional profit.

5.Know-how = profit

Buying the franchising You obtain the access to technological, technical, commercial and intellectual know-how, what will allow You the predicted profit without your efforts.

6. Coffee flower = profit

Coffee flower – is a colouristic image of tastes and aromas of coffee. Using the flower the client on his own may choose coffee, which corresponds to his taste and aroma preferences.

7.Coffee House atmosphere = profit

Atmosphere of the Coffee House “Golden Ducat” makes people from different parts of Ukraine and the world to return to this place again and again. Tourists from Rome and Toronto, Kharkiv and Moscow, Paris and Warsaw in different languages express their fascination: never they drank such coffee, nowhere they felt such an inspiration!

8. Our business experience = profit

Practically none may brag of the work experience in such a business not only in Ukraine but in Europe. We will share our experience, knowledge, permanent support and it is sufficient for successful long-term business.

9.Software = profit

Software for business, developed by our programmers, will allow You to see the movement of goods, money, cost value, expenses, incomes, salary of your employees every day. Programme will allow you to control your business, keep track of looses, abstractions, deception. Your employees themselves will be interested in fair, conscientious and accurate work.